13 de julio de 2010

The Helium Sequence

Everyone Knows Everyone

The Portland-based duo Helio Sequence is comprised of vocalist/guitarist Brandon Summers and keyboardist/drummer Benjamin Weikel. Debuting in 1999 with an ambient, psychedelic sound that placed as much emphasis on the guitar as Summers' muted vocals, the band issued the Accelerated Slow-Motion Cinema EP before dropping the full-length Com Plex in 2000.

The city where I live
The faces in the crowd
It all just makes me stop to think
This is what I've found

Everyone knows everyone
Everyone knows what everyone does
It's cloudy now but that's OK
Sitting around here all day

See I've got this friend
Who just complains about getting out
Said I'm gonna sell my stuff and quit my band
And move out east or anyhow

Cuz everyone knows everyone
Everyone knows what everyone does
It's rainy now and I can't wait
To get out of here someday

There's no escaping
There's nothing to escape
For no good reason
I think I'm gonna stay

Fuente: allmusicguide.com

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